Die Kastration von Nett und Niedlich

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The future of the Internet is becoming more and more uncertain – Gigabytes of cute kitten pictures and videos are being uploaded and shared by users from all walks of life, day by day. According to this behavior, our limited bandwidth and storing space on the Internet are facing an ultimate overkill due to this phenomenon in nearer future.

In 1999, the city council of Paderborn, a small German city, released a progressive obligation that expects a castration of an outgoing cat by the owner. Unbeknowst, this bill concealed a revolutionary agenda and turned into a milestone for a sustainable future of the Internet. The idea was drafted for “Die Kastration von Nett und Niedlich” - an experimental video installation. It's the exact opposite of those cute kitten videos that are flooding the Internet. Instead of seeing a little cat that sprawls goofily around in her living room, this experimental video art work is focusing on stabilizing feral cat populations by means of T-N-R (Trap, Neuter and Return) to keep the preservation of the Internet as we know it in mind.

The concept of "Die Kastration von Nett und Niedlich" is quite simple: Take a cat, get it neutered, and live stream the whole action to the Internet.

Examples of castration of cats in Art history in regards to Philipp Teister's video work "Die Kastration von Nett und Niedlich" by Ulf Kristiansen


Utensils with underlying LCD screen, 2010

Utensils #1, 2010

Utensils #2, 2010